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Costs 4x File:Timber.png
3x File:Stone.png

"An army marches on its stomach". This is an old saying but that does not make it obsolete. We already concluded that a man does not live without food, but naturally food just does not appear. It has to be produced in a way or another.

The Farm is a building used by the Farmer. This house is the storage for the corn that the Farmer harvested. The Corn that is produced has three different purposes, you can use it to:

  • Process it to Flour which is used to bake Loaves of.
  • To breed Pigs to get Leather and Sausages.
  • To breed Horses.

Make sure you lay out some fields around the farm, otherwise the Farmer won't be able to produce any Corn. Usually 12 pieces of fields is enough to produce Corn.