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This is the wiki of Knights and Merchants. This wiki contains pages from both Knights and Merchants - The Shattered Kingdom and Knights and Merchants - The Peasants Rebellion.

What is Knights and MerchantsEdit

Knights and Merchants (KaM) is an Real-Time Strategy game developed by Joymania Entertainment and published by Topware Interactive. Two versions of the game have been released: Knights and Merchants - The Shattered Kingdom (KaM TSK, 1998) and Knights and Merchants - The Peasants Rebellion (KaM - TPR, 2001). You take the role of the captain of the palace guards and you lead the soldiers and citizens to victory.

Knights and Merchants - The Shattered Kingdom, or KaM TSK, is the first part of the game. In this part you are being attacked by some enemies with huge armies. Some of them will be your ally later in the game, but most of them willl stay your enemy. The storyline is absolutely not the same as in the second part: Knights and Merchants - The Peasants Rebellion, or KaM TPR. in this version you are the ally of a group of rebels and farmers. You have to save them with everyrhing you've got.


What Knights and Merchants makes so special is the economy. Knights and Merchants is a lot different then other Real-Time Strategy games, because in Knights and Merchants the economy is much more detailed, what makes it even more realistic than other games, like Age of Empires. If you build an Iron Mine, you won't be able to get Iron Weapons. Before you can get Iron Weapons, you have to build an Iron Smithy and a Weapon Smithy.

What is also different from other Real-Time Strategy Games is that if you need a Soldier in Knights and Merchants, you need a Recruit, Armor and Weapons, which is more realistic than ge of Empires where you need like: 50 Food, 30 Gold and 15 Iron.

You can make a huge army, but things will go wrong if you do that. You have to feed your army and if your army is to big, food will get scarce and your Soldiers will die. So it is really useful to think about how big your army should be.


System RequirementsEdit

Processor Pentium 166 MHz Pentium 300 Mhz
RAM 24 MB 128 MB
Graphics Card 2 MB 8 MB
Free Space 80 - 90 MB 300 MB


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