Swine FarmEdit

Not only from bread and beer the man lives, and not only weapons the man carries

Swine farm allows you to produce pigs that will be used to produce sausages in the butcher's , and skins that will be used to produce leather in the tannery. It requires corn to become productive. It's attended by ananimal breeder 


An animal breeder  attends the building by breeding pigs. He breeds up to 5 pigs that will be constantly fed with corn, growing more and more. Once the pigs have reached their max size (around 5 corn per pig) , the animal breeder  will kill them, getting 1 pigs (meat) and 1 skins that will be used in other buildings for food or materials for leather armor. He will have at least 2 living pigs everytime

There's not a limit in the amount of pigs the animal breeder can breed in the whole game, as long as he get enough corn. As long as the corn isn't a limited resource (can be planted over an over in farm squares) both pigs (meat) and skins are unlimited too; cause sausages only require meat, and leather armors only need leather (that will be produces with skins) this two final products (armors and sausages) are unlimited too

Building requirementsEdit

To build a Swine farme, you will need:

  • 4x Timber
  • 3x Stone

You'll also need a connected path to storehouses with corn or farms to produce, a connected path to tannery and butcher's to deliver and servants that move the requested and produced materials